Toddler In Awe Of Michelle Obama's Portrait Dressed Up As Her Idol (And Nailed It)

All the feels.

A three-year-old girl who went viral on Twitter for a snap of her admiring a portrait of Michelle Obama decided to dress up as the former First Lady herself.

Parker Curry, from Washington, US, caught the internet’s attention in March this year when she was photographed at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C staring up at a portrait of Michelle Obama in awe. Parker’s day was made when she not only ended up meeting her idol, but had a dance-off with her too.

Fast forward a few months and, in honour of her idol, Parker dressed up as Michelle for Halloween by wearing a matching white gown, with similar yellow, pink and red stripes at the bottom – and she posed just like the portrait, too.

Her mum told BuzzFeed News that when she asked Parker what she wanted to dress as, the toddler couldn’t get her words out quick enough. “Flat out, no hesitation. Half of a second later she said, ‘I want to be Michelle Obama’ and I was like whoa,” Jessica said. “I thought she was going to be like, ‘I want to be Elsa’ or some other character like that.”

What a star.

Parker’s mum explained that a woman named Alisha Welsh, who runs Magnolia Lake Children’s Clothing, had offered to make Parker her own Obama dress when the original photo went viral. A few weeks back, she asked Welsh if this was still an option. It sure as hell was.

Parker was amazed when the dress arrived at home and wore it out trick or treating with her friends that night. “She twirled in it. She danced in it, running up to the houses she would pick up the front of the gown so she wouldn’t get it dirty,” her mum said.

The best part of all? Michelle Obama told Parker she nailed the look.

All the feels.

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