Mike Ashley, Sports Direct Boss's 7 Most WTF Moments From MP Committee Appearance

'Simple as that fellas. Not just fellas. Girls. Sorry.'

Mike Ashley appeared before a committee of MPs on Tuesday to defend the "good name" of his company Sports Direct, insisting he has nothing to hide.

Turns out there were quite a few revelations not least a "culture of fear" so pervasive women were allegedly giving birth in toilets rather than not show up for work.

Here are some of the highlights of the incredible - and sometimes hard to watch - proceedings...

In an extraordinary session, unions condemned the sports group for having a ‘six strike’ disciplinary regime that meant women were giving birth in toilets because they were coming to work when they shouldn’t.

They went on that some staff from Eastern Europe were given their wages on pre-paid debit cards - and charged £10 for the card and 75p to withdraw their money.

Ashley conceded a review of working practices was already underway, and admitted the practice of docking staff 15 minutes pay for being late for one minute was “unacceptable”. Of change to the business, he said: “You people are pushing at an open door.”

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