Mindy Kaling Reveals The 1 Thing That's Made Her Rethink Gentle Parenting

The internet is divided over this parenting style.
Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images
Rodin Eckenroth via Getty Images
Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

We’re all accustomed to the term ‘gentle parenting’ these days, as social media is filled with parents sharing their experience of the form of discipline.

The internet is divided over the type of parenting which aims to ‘alleviate external pressure on a child’ and instead place a focus on making choices due to a child’s internal willingness.

Of course, celebrity parents are no different to us when it comes to parenting struggles. Comedian and actor Mindy Kaling revealed she has her own doubts about gentle parenting.

As a guest speaker at the BetterUp Summit in San Francisco, when questioned what Mindy was “rethinking”, she said: “Gentle parenting I am rethinking. It’s this thing lots of LA and NY and certain progressive cities do, and sometimes you just have to scream at your kids… so I am rethinking it!”

Mindy herself has two children, a daughter born in December 2017 and a son born in September 2020 — though she has decided to keep the paternity of her children private.

She often posts about them on social media but has never shown their faces in a bid to respect their privacy. She also kept her pregnancy a secret during the Covid pandemic, only revealing her second child after birth.

The actor has often spoken about parenting publicly, she mentioned she doesn’t want to be a parent that ‘screams at her kids’.

“To me, people who do not blow their top and also can stay on a consistent message. That to me – I’m the most impressed by those people,” she said.