Meet The UK's Oldest Fitness Instructor Who's Still Teaching Classes Aged 99

Minnie says her daily brandy keeps her young.

The UK’s oldest fitness instructor says she’s still teaching two classes a week at the age of 99 - thanks to her daily brandy.

Minnie Solomons has been teaching keep fit classes for 50 years and shows no sign of slowing down, even after having a hip operation.

The great-grandmother teaches her exercise classes every Monday and Tuesday and only gave up her Wednesday class 18 months ago.

The retired shop assistant has ditched the leotards and dance routines of her earlier years in favour of seated aerobics for the over 70s.

But she still easily remembers the 45-minute routines and adds new moves to keep her students - most who are two decades her junior - on the ball.

Widow Minnie, from London, said: “I started 50 years ago when it was all standing up and on the floor and the rest of it, but now it is just chair exercises.

“I get great satisfaction form doing it and I thank God every day that I am able to do it.

“I do a Monday and a Tuesday and I used to do a Wednesday too, until I had the hop operation.

“Unfortunately I still have an ache, so something had to go.”

She added: “What really pleases me is when I read a magazine or something like that and I see someone doing a different exercise and I am able to introduce it into my class.

“It’s really enjoyable and what I find so satisfying is now I have men coming along to my class, which they never used to. They love it.

“I don’t have any mucking about in my class, but we do have a little laugh.

“What also pleases me is that I can remember 30 little movements, one after the other, without any trouble.

“I’m going to keep going and I really don’t know when I will stop. I say to myself ‘this is ridiculous’, but I can still do it, so I keep going.”

The great-grandmother of four, who lived through both world wars, was born in 1915 and was evacuated during the Blitz.

She married Jacob Solomon in 1939, a boxer in the RAF, and they had one daughter together, and worked together in his electrician’s shop.

When Jacob, or Tonney as he was affectionately known, passed away 20 years ago, Minnie never remarried - but kept her love of physical activity.

She now leads fitness classes in South Woodford in north-east London for a group over-70s, as well as another class nearby.

Granddaughter Naomi Lyons, 57, said: “She doesn’t realise how unique she is. She can’t quite do what she used to do but she has this incredible way of thinking.

“Sometimes I think she’s barking mad, but most of the time I think fair play. She’s been doing keep fit since I was a teenager.

“I remember her always writing down exercises and different movements in a book.

“It’s mainly chair exercises. She showed me some of their little movements - some of them can hardly move. She sees the funny side.

“My grandma loves it because it’s so sociable as well.”

The fitness fanatic lives a thrifty lifestyle and her weekly shopping bill comes to just £5 - treating herself to a glass of brandy every night and just a weekly shower.

Naomi, who is also her full-time carer, says that people are stunned when they find out the secret to Minnie’s success.

“They ask her what she eats to stay looking that young and she tells them “lettuce!” she said.

“They can’t believe it. She has a child’s portion really of salad and a couple of pieces of fruit. She has family meals with us too.”

Minnie, who is 100 next June, added: “It is luck of the draw, and I try to eat me five a day.”

Despite having a hip operation 18 months ago and suffering from arthritis, Minnie is still in good health and her doctor said she has the body of a much younger woman.

She refuses to let her hair go grey and the only beauty treatment she uses is Oil of Olay - which she has been applying for around 50 years.

Minnie’s wartime habits die hard, as she has a stand-up wash in the kitchen everyday and still only uses powdered milk.

Naomi said: “I’ve tried to tell her that normal milk won’t go off, but she insists.”

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