20/08/2020 13:57 BST

Miriam Margolyes Admits She's No Fan Of Harry Potter, Despite Playing A Hogwarts Professor

"I just pocket the money when it comes and I’m very grateful for it," the Professor Sprout actor revealed.

The always-candid Miriam Margolyes has raised eyebrows once again, admitting that she has no interest in Harry Potter, despite playing a Hogwarts professor in the film adaptations of the books.

The actor – known for her outspoken (and frequently off-colour) remarks, recently joined the video-sharing website Cameo – where fans can pay £83 to receive a personalised video message from the star.

In one such video, she introduced herself to two Harry Potter fans as “Professor Sprout”, her character from the film’s series, before going on to confess that she’s certainly no fan of the Wizarding World herself, despite appearing in the film franchise.

“I understand you and Chris are huge Harry Potter fans,” she said at the beginning of the video (via Metro). “Here’s the thing, I’m not.”

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Miriam Margolyes as Professor Sprout in Harry Potter

She continued: “I’m not against it, I’m just not interested. I’ve never seen a film. I’ve never seen the books, I’ve never read them. I just pocket the money when it comes and I’m very grateful for it.

“I think that JK Rowling is a terrific writer and I’m sure Harry Potter’s world is a good world. But it’s not my world.”

Miriam appeared in two Harry Potter films, Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets and the final instalment in the saga, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Part 2.

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Miriam during one of her infamous appearances on The Graham Norton Show

Last month, Miriam spoke out after JK Rowling’s comments aboutgender identity, insisting she feels differently to the author.

“She has a rather conservative view of transgender people,” Miriam told The Times. “I don’t think I do.

“I can’t make it out. It’s a matter of personal happiness for people and I think that’s what you should concentrate on. If you seriously want to become a woman you should be allowed to.”