Missing Clapham North Tube Station's 'Thought Of The Day' Board Sparks Angry Backlash

'I have some feedback for you!'

Commuters haven't been shy in offering Transport for London (TfL) feedback after a 'thought of the day' board was removed at a south London tube station.

Dozens of Northern line passengers at Clapham North complained to TfL after the popular sign disappeared from the ticket hall last week.

Station staff later urged customers to complain directly to transport bosses, after one used the empty board to send a direct message, writing "bring back our board".

Tweets littered with angry and sad-faced emojis were sent to TfL from commuters who said their daily commute had become a grind since the light-hearted message board went out of service.

TfL has since confirmed the sign will be replaced following maintenance work.

It also responded to one angry tweet about the board's disappearance, saying "It has been moved temporarily and should be back in place next week".

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