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Sadiq Khan explained: "We're putting London's Black history on the map."
Something terrible is happening to the Tube. Where once it was a place of solitude for the fatigued, if a bit sweaty, commuter, a sadistic group of right-on luvvies is attempting to turn it into a guitar-playing, poncho-wearing, dreadlock-sporting commune.
'We can’t have a situation where people don’t feel safe'
Sadiq Khan has warned that more London Tube stations may have to close at busy times in a bid to avoid dangerous overcrowding
Read more on The Huffington Post TfL has since confirmed the sign will be replaced following maintenance work. It also responded
A healthcare company has found a silver lining in the looming grey cloud that is the London tube strike. SEE ALSO: Tonight's
Jazz pianist John Turville spotted this harmonica player performing Bach's Violin Concerto in A minor on the London Underground
Thanks to @TechnicallyRon for this spot at Kilburn Park station. We're not sure about TFL's new tone...
A London tube passenger was left with back and head injuries after her scarf was caught in a train door and she was dragged
Londoners face yet another day of travel chaos on Thursday after it was revealed that talks aimed at resolving the crippling
There's a lot to dislike about London on a normal day, but when the Tube isn’t running the nation's ancient capital turns
So you woke up hours early due to the tube strike, still didn't manage to get a seat on the bus, and when you did, you got
A Romanian tourist who vanished after he got separated from his son on the Tube has been found safe and well. Vasile Belea
A Romanian tourist has been missing since Tuesday after becoming separated from his son on the London Underground. Vasile
What’s your commute like? Do you keep your head down and concentrate on getting from A to B, or do you open up your eyes
The London Underground will run 24-hours at weekends from 2015. Tfl have announced five lines - the Piccadilly, Jubilee, Victoria
The realization of how dreary it actually is hits me as I step off the train at the Canary Wharf station. Hordes of people pile out of the train at that one stop, as if guided by a singular force or command. Still no smile!
This hugely impressive map by Bruno Imbrizi is a visualisation of where every single train is on the London Underground. The
Ever been on the Tube and caught a glimpse of a mysterious dark tunnel and wondered where it went? Chances are it has something