12/07/2017 12:08 BST

Mo Farah's Liam Gallagher Slip-Up Sparks Hilarious Response On Twitter


Listen, we’re all guilty of mixing up a celeb’s name every now and then. Accidentally claiming we fancy the wrong Hemsworth brother. Questioning why Katy Perry is suddenly talking about her best anecdote from the set of ‘The Girl On The Train’. Praising Adele Dazeem for her work in ‘Frozen’.

The only difference is, we regular folks don’t usually do it to the star’s face... but unfortunately the same can’t be said for Mo Farah.

Richard Heathcote via Getty Images
Mo Farah

Sir Mo was in attendance at U2’s concert on Tuesday night (12 July), when he was excited to bump into Noel Gallagher in the crowd, and stopped him for a photo, which he promptly shared on his Instagram account.

The only problem is, he accidentally tagged the wrong brother, claiming he had been “chilling with my boy Liam Gallagher”, rather than Noel.

Although the mistake was quickly picked up on and corrected on his Instagram account, the same can’t be said for Twitter, where the gaffe remains, with his followers posting some hilarious responses to the blunder:

Despite his ongoing feud with his brother, Liam did see the funny side of the mistake, though, responding to Sir Mo: “Good to see u2 mo as you were [sic]”

The brothers and former bandmates’ feud took a turn last month, when Liam accused Noel of skipping the One Love Manchester benefit concert so he could enjoy a holiday in honour of his 50th birthday.

Eventually, the concert’s organisers were forced to step in and insist that Noel had never actually been approached about performing, and calling for an end to the backlash against him.

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