20/09/2016 12:37 BST | Updated 20/09/2016 12:41 BST

'What Does Your Teddy Stand For?' Momentum Children Event Asks Youngsters To Imagine Their Toy As Party Leader

kidsada Manchinda via Getty Images

Children will be asked to consider “what does your teddy stand for” and stage a mock protest at a Momentum fringe event at Labour conference this weekend.

The ‘Teddy Bear Mandate’ session in Liverpool on Sunday will require youngsters to imagine which party the toy might join and led, what its mandate would be, and what its values are.

The event will also encourage youngsters to “make signs and banners and stage a mock protest”, according to an advert in the Red Pepper magazine. 

The event comes a week after Momentum announced it was launching a special youth wing in a bid to improve “political engagement” and campaigning skills for children.

“Momentum Kids”, as it will be known, will use the left-wing movement’s network of 150 local groups to help youngsters who want to get involved in politics.

It is expected the new grouping will help children who want to become activists to attend marches, learn how to use offline and online campaign techniques and discuss key policy issues.

“Momentum Kids” will also provide creches and after-school clubs for children as young as three, to allow single parents to take part in meetings and events organised by the left-wing grassroots group.

While some Twitter users compared the scheme to political brainwashing, others argued it was a pragmatic way to solve childcare issues.