Pro-Jeremy Corbyn campaign group Momentum condemned the party leader's "fiscal conservatism".
The pro-Jeremy Corbyn organisation's "very future is at stake".
Unite, Socialist Campaign Group MPs and Momentum say there is "anger and disillusionment" among grassroots.
Move designed to create safe space for Jewish members, but Momentum calls it "disturbing' attack on members' rights
Momentum unlikely to benefit from spare union cash, insiders say. Ex-minister welcomes break with Len McCluskey.
Jeremy Corbyn ally said it was time to "hand over to a new leadership".
To mark party's 120th anniversary, former prime minister warns Labour must be more reflective of wider society if it is to win power.
Exclusive: Party suspends online 'Dialogue' system that allows access to private membership details.
Long-Bailey gets 70% of the grassroots vote, but can she reach beyond its orbit?
But only 7,000 activists took part in the poll and it did not allow members to pick which candidate they wanted.