26/07/2020 13:29 BST | Updated 27/07/2020 14:16 BST

Monica Lewinsky Wins The Internet With Best 'I Have A Joke' Tweet

The former White House intern took the crown during the trending "I have a joke" competition on Twitter.

The jury’s pretty much in that Monica Lewinsky just won the “I have a joke” competition now trending on Twitter — and it concerns her relationship as a White House intern with former President Bill Clinton that led to his impeachment for perjury.

The informal Twitter contest begins “I have a joke but ...” The humour comes in the explanation of why the joke won’t be revealed as in: “I have a prune joke, but it’s kind of dated.” Or “I have an astronomy joke, but might be over your head.” Or “I have a Star Wars joke, but it’s kinda forced.”

Toni Anne Barson via Getty Images
Monica Lewinsky, pictured here in February 2020. 

Lewinsky was particularly taken with the quip: “I have a Charles Mansion joke, and it kills.” She fired back: “I have an intern joke and it .. oh, nevermind.”

The Twitterverse was smitten. Even the never-Trump Republican Lincoln Project responded.