Moorgate Bomb Scare Sees Box Of Food Blown up, 'Haribo Survives'

'Turns out Haribo survives a controlled explosion.'

A bomb scare in central London ended with a twist after officers blew up a box of food, leaving sausages and Haribo sweets scattered across the street.

Police cordoned off roads around Moorgate Tube station after an abandoned package was found about 1.45pm.

Bomb squad officers were called in and used a robot to blow up the box in Coleman Street as city workers remained trapped in their buildings.

The package, as it turned out, wasn't that suspicious after all.

Pictures takes after the explosion showed food strewn across the pavement, including what appeared to be an intact packet of Haribo.

Sian Shrimpton tweeted a picture of the leftovers and wrote: "Turns out Haribo survives a controlled explosion!"

She added: "We were told to stay away from our big windows. Embarrassing that it was just a box of food!"

City of London Police tweeted: "Officers were responding to reports of a suspicious package at Coleman St. near #Moorgate, but area now deemed safe & cordons lifted."

They added: "A controlled explosion was carried out."

London Wall, Basinghall Avenue and Coleman Street were closed until the area was deemed safe at about 3pm.


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