Morrisons Cheesy Churros: Festive Snack Or 'Monstrosity'?

We deserve Brexit.

The UK has already voted to leave the European Union in March 2019 but we might be speeding up the exit process for ourselves as Morrisons has decided to start a timely gastronomical war with Spain.

As part of its Christmas food offerings, the British supermarket conjured up the food of Iberian nightmares: churros with cheese and red pepper dip.

Regardless of how good you think they sound (the HuffPost UK team is divided, but they do have all the elements of a perfect hangover food...), churros are traditionally sweet not savoury.

And this diplomatic faux pas has not gone unnoticed.

The fried dough sticks are sold in Spain covered in sugar and are normally eaten for breakfast alongside a cup of hot chocolate or coffee.

So you can imagine how well Morrison’s efforts, which are now available to buy for £3.50, have gone down on Spanish Twitter.

Britain we’re meant to be making friends, not more enemies.