Morrisons Launches 'Wonky Avocados' To Make Brunch More Affordable Across The UK

The avos will retail at just 39p each 🥑

If your bank balance is crying because of your love of avocados, we’ve got good news for you.

Your favourite brunch component is about to get a whole lot cheaper thanks to a high street supermarket selling misshapen avos at a fraction of the price.

Morrisons is set to sell “wonky avocados” for just 39p each in the majority of its stores throughout the UK.

They will retail at just £2.40 per kilogramme, the cheapest on the UK market.

The average retail price for an avocado now stands at £1.05 each in 2017 - up from 98p in 2016.


The global price of avocados has recently reached record levels due to flooding and drought, late harvests, and worker strikes in grower areas.

There has also been increasing demand for the fruit around the globe.

Morrisons wonky avocados will be sold in 650g nets for just £1.56.

Each net will contain four fruit on average and will be available from 15 May until the end of the summer.

The avocados are being termed “wonky” on account of their assorted sizes and superficial skin blemishes - caused by natural wind scaring whilst growing on the tree.

However, their taste, texture and flesh colour will be exactly the same as a normal avocado.


James Turner, avocado buyer at Morrisons said: “Avocados have become one of Britain’s most expensive salad items. But our new wonky line means customers will be able to buy this luxury item for a fraction of the price.

“Apart from being odd shapes and sizes, and with some marks on the outer hard skin, they’re the same as normal avocados. They taste great and have the same levels of healthy nutritional ingredients.”

During the summer months, Morrisons will source its wonky avocados from orchards in South Africa. The fruit will be of Hass, Pinkerton and Fuerte varieties.

The introduction of the wonky line will have a number of benefits for growers there, helping them to reduce waste, increasing crop yields and boosting farm incomes by selling whole crops, Morrisons said.

Avocados have come under increasing demand as a result of their health properties. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, plus have the highest protein content of any fruit.

They are now being used in a variety of dishes - from salads to smoothies. As a result they have become one of the most sought after salad plate items in recent years in the USA and Europe, with a boom in demand in countries such as Russia and China.

Morrisons will sell wonky avocados in 350 to 400 stores across the UK from 15 May 2017.

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