16/04/2018 10:58 BST | Updated 16/04/2018 11:02 BST

5 Things We Hope To See In The Moschino x H&M Collaboration

We need all the crazy accessories please.

Gigi Hadid has announced that H&M’s latest collaboration would be with her friend Jeremy Scott, the creative director of Moschino. Hadid made the announcement in an Instagram Live filmed during Coachella.

Scott is going to design a ‘Moschino TV’ collection for the high street shop, which is set to be released on 8 November. With Scott’s tendency for the kitsch and crazy, here are five things we hope to see:

Moschino x HM
Jeremy Scott, H&M's creative director Ann-Sofie Johansson and Gigi Hadid at Coachella.

1) Label Mania

Moschino tends to transform every objects such as washing up liquid and fries into high fashion. Fingers crossed we see these kind of prints across trousers, dresses and anything possible. 

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2) The 90s Two Piece

Moschino gives the classic two piece a ‘Clueless’ twist. Here’s hoping we see pearl beaded tweed jackets and matching hats in this H&M collaboration. 

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3) Sportsluxe

A Moschino designed H&M pair of sports leggings or running gear would be a fashion find that would not be expected from the design collab; and one which would really spruce up a pilates class.

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4) Over The Top Accessories

From Moschino TV we need to see flamboyant mini bags and thick gold chains, fluorescent earrings and shoes that resemble a botanical garden.

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5) Trip Down Memory Lane

In the past, Moschino has created nostalgic phone cases in the shape of a Barbie mirror and teddy bears. From the hint of the collaboration name Moschino TV, we’re hoping to see our favourite film and TV shows enjy a revival - not just on our screens.