25/10/2016 19:10 BST | Updated 26/10/2016 11:25 BST

Most Haunted Train Stations In UK Map Released Ahead Of Halloween

From 'hell hounds' to screaming voices, these stations have them all.

A new map has revealed some of the most haunted train stations in the UK just ahead of Halloween.

The map, which was hand-painted by illustrator Ella Masters, shows where commuters are most likely to have a paranormal experience.

Ella Masters
The map shows where the UK's most haunted train stations are

 Here are some of the spooky tales told about the stations and their reported ghostly inhabitants...

  • 1 Bath/Chippenham, Somerset
    Bath/Chippenham, Somerset
    In 2011, four night shift workers heard the cries of a woman coming from inside the Box Tunnel.

    The cries eventually melted away only for a woman in a night dress to suddenly appear and then vanish again.
  • 2 Moulsecoomb, Sussex
    Moulsecoomb, Sussex
    Lee Stacey
    Hauntings by a "hell hound" reportedly date back three decades.

    A ghostly canine has been said to follow lone travellers late at night, although its victims have only ever heard its panting.
  • 3 Carlisle, Cumbria
    Carlisle, Cumbria
    There are a number of reported ghosts who walk walk through this station.

    A headless man is said to patrol one of the platforms, while a number of station masters have complained they find themselves feeling deeply uneasy in many of the station's offices.

    Virgin Trains even employed a paranormal consultant to investigate the station in 2014.
  • 4 North Road, Durham
    North Road, Durham
    Laurie Mulrine
    A disused carriage at the station, which dates back to 1865, is said to be haunted by a young girl dressed in Victorian-era clothing.

    In 2008, railway staff reported hearing knocking from the carriage late at night, and on other occasions, a young child's laughter and singing have also been heard.

    Of course, when investigated, the carriage was always empty.
  • 5 Hassocks/Preston Park, East Sussex
    Hassocks/Preston Park, East Sussex
    martin meehan via Getty Images
    Moans and howls are said to emanate from the tunnel and are believed to belong to a worker who was hit by a train in the mid-19th century.

    Passers-by have also reported hearing the sound of scraping metal, even when no train is around.
  • 6 Addiscombe, Greater London
    Addiscombe, Greater London
    Lewis Bevan
    A train driver was killed on the line back in the early 20th century and there have been a number of eerie occurrences since then.

    Although the station was demolished in 2001, sightings of a grey, blurry figure continue to be reported in the area.

    Many believe this is the ghost of the train driver, caught forever at the station.
  • 7 Birmingham New Street, Birmingham
    Birmingham New Street, Birmingham
    Bloomberg via Getty Images
    A number of people have died at the station and the ghosts of four have been sighted over the years.

    One of them has been identified as Walter Hartles, a retired train driver who shot himself at the station almost 80 years ago.
  • 8 Torrington, Devon
    Torrington, Devon
    Two ghosts, believed to be a former station master and his wife, are said to have visisted the Puffing Billy restaurant on the platform of Torrington station.

    The current owner claims to have regularly seen the pair drifting up the stairs at night to tuck their children in.
  • 9 Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
    Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
    This station is so haunted that it employs its own "supernatural liaison officer".

    Nick Rees has dealt with reports of doors slamming by themselves and electrical equipment turning off and on by itself.

    However, he is not concerned that there is anything sinister going on, describing the spirits as "nice ghosts".
  • 10 Ashton Moss, Lancashire
    Ashton Moss, Lancashire
    Stuart Vallantine
    In 1975, a signalman noticed a mysterious figure in one of the signal boxes.

    Suddenly he disappeared only to reappear at precisely the same time the next week - this time witnessed by two signalmen.

    It has been suggested that the figure was the ghost of someone killed on the line.
  • 11 Balcombe/Three Bridges, Sussex
    Balcombe/Three Bridges, Sussex
    Matt Davis
    The tunnel running between Balcombe and Three Bridges has experienced a number of creepy incidents.

    Infamous railway murderer Percy Lefroy Mapleton left the body of victim Isaac Frederick Gold in the tunnel back in 1881.

    And decades later the spirits of three WW1 soldiers who were killed by a train while sheltering from a bombing raid in the tunnel were spotted during the Second World War.
  • 12 Covent Garden, Central London
    Covent Garden, Central London
    Michael Stephens/PA Archive
    In 1897, world-renowned actor William Terriss was stabbed to death by a rival actor at the nearby Adelphi Theatre.

    His ghost is said to stalk the corridors of the Tube station to this day, plotting how to avenge his death.
  • 13 Bolton Street, Lancashire
    Bolton Street, Lancashire
    Pat Kilner
    In 2007, a local named John Philips snapped a photograph of his grandson in the station's waiting room.

    But when he developed the film, a shadowy figure had appeared behind him, despite the boy posing completely alone.
  • 14 York Road, Belfast
    York Road, Belfast
    The spirit of a worker killed in a botched robbery in the 1970s is said to linger on at this station.

    His ghost has been spotted in the locked canteen at night, as well as walking around the nearby sheds.

    Staff have also reported hearing footsteps at night time around the station.
  • 15 Hyde Park Corner, Central London
    Hyde Park Corner, Central London
    During a power cut in 1978, workers couldn't believe their eyes when an escalator continued to work perfectly.

    When they took a closer look, one man was horrified to see a face appear directly in front of him. He collapsed in shock and handed in his notice the very same day.

    Another claimed to have suddenly felt a cold chill which left his breath visible in the air in front of him.
  • 16 Entwhistle, Lancashire
    Entwhistle, Lancashire
    Paul Kelly
    The ghostly figure of a child has been spotted running through the fields next to the station.

    According to locals, a young boy was killed on the tracks during the First World War and so it is thought that he has remained in the area searching for his friends ever since.