27/12/2018 10:29 GMT | Updated 28/12/2018 09:24 GMT

The Most Ridiculous Christmas Gifts, From Nicolas Cage Pillows To Karate Cat Pants

Just wow.

What’s the most ridiculous gift you got for Christmas? That’s the question Twitter user Bri (@BPtheGasStation) put to the masses over the festive break and the responses were something else entirely.

For Bri, it was a sequinned cushion which revealed multiple pictures of actor Nicolas Cage’s face when brushed in a certain direction. *Insert Face/Off joke here*

Speaking of Nic Cage merchandise. This notebook is, um, interesting.

But it didn’t quite top this gift of a pooping pooches 2019 calendar. Not suitable for the kitchen (or anywhere else you plan on eating).

Some lucky so-and-so received a very biblical-looking portrait of Post Malone, the American rapper. The gold frame is truly exquisite.

And we simply can’t forget this Judge Judy prayer candle. 

Then there are the items we didn’t even know existed, like the toaster which burns moustachioed faces onto your bread. Turns out the bread face is meant to look like their mum... 

We don’t even know what this is – Kermit meets Venom?! – but it looks terrifying.

Novelty underwear covered in karate pirate cats is guaranteed to stop anyone in their tracks, but for all the wrong reasons. We’re not even going to comment on the use of “KAPOW” on the waistband.

Are those... pants with EARS?!

Someone decided to play the long game and wrapped up $1 bills. 

Speaking of weird monetary gifts...

Oh yum. A tin of expired green beans with a pass agg message.

There was plenty of merch from “The Office” knocking around too this Christmas, including this interesting blanket.

And some Dwight Schrute earrings.

Is that a cardboard cutout of Danny DeVito, you ask? Yes, yes it is.

But nothing could beat these crocs, which claim the crown for Most Hideous And Ridiculous Gift EVER.