MPs Could Have Easter Recess Cancelled To Work 'Flat Out' On Brexit

The Commons is due to be closed for two weeks in April.

MPs are likely to be forced to stay in Westminster over Easter to work “flat out” on Brexit, the government has said.

The House of Commons is due to be in recess from April 4 until April 23.

But Andrea Leadsom, the leader of the House, told MPs on Tuesday this could be cancelled.

“We will need time in the House to either find a way forward or to pass the Withdrawal Agreement Bill,” she said.

“The country will rightly expect parliament to be working flat out in either scenario.”

Theresa May has insisted she still hopes to ask MPs to vote for her Brexit deal for a third time this week.

In the unlikely event it is approved, the UK will leave the EU on May 22. In the run up to that date, parliament will need time to enact legislation to implement the decision.

But if the deal is rejected again, the UK will be on course to leave the EU with no deal on April 12 – one week after MPs are currently due to have left Westminster for recess.

Leadsom also announced this afternoon that MPs will be asked tomorrow to approve the change to domestic UK law that changes the Brexit date from March 29 to either May 22 or April 12.

It comes after MPs dramatically seized control last night by approving plans to stage a series of votes tomorrow on alternative Brexit outcomes.

Theresa May is under pressure to grant a free vote on the votes to allow ministers to express support for various Brexit options without having to resign.