24/01/2019 11:47 GMT

MPs For A Second Referendum Drop Commons Vote Plan – And Blame Jeremy Corbyn

People's Vote group admits there is not yet enough support in parliament.

MPs pushing for a second Brexit referendum have dropped plans to ask the Commons to vote in favour of one, as they have not yet secured the support of Jeremy Corbyn. 

MPs from the cross-party People’s Vote campaign said there was no chance of winning enough support in parliament without the backing of the Labour leader. 

The Commons will vote on Tuesday on Theresa May’s next steps in the Brexit process, after her deal was roundly rejected in a historic defeat last week.

MPs are attempting to seize control of what happens next by tabling amendments to the prime minister’s latest proposal.

Tory MP Sarah Wollaston announced on Thursday that the People Vote campaign would not table an amendment calling for a second referendum.

“At this stage, and until we have the leader of the opposition’s backing, it would would not pass,” she said during a press conference in Westminster.

Labour MP Luciana Berger demanded Corbyn should “do the right thing” and stop “facilitating a job-destroying Brexit”.

“The clock is ticking. At this late stage I appeal to Jeremy Corbyn to do the right thing by the majority of our voters, supporters and members and back a People’s Vote. The time for action is now,” she said.

“At a time when Labour should be championing a People’s Vote, the leadership avoids answering that call.”

Corbyn has appeared reluctant to back a second referendum and instead has made securing a general election his priority.

The MPs from the People’s Vote campaign have decided to throw their support behind an amendment that could extend Article 50.

The amendment put down by Labour’s Yvette Cooper would require the prime minister to seek a delay to the planned Brexit date of March 29 if no deal has been approved by February 26.

The Labour leadership also looks set to back the move.

MPs still could vote on holding a second referendum, as the Lib Dems have tabled their own amendment demanding one.

However it does not have as much support as one backed by the cross-party People’s Vote campaign would have secured and is therefore not guaranteed to be put to a vote on Tuesday.