MPs React To Apparently Sexist Comment That Wasn't What It Seemed


MPs cried “what!?” in the House of Commons today about a comment a colleague made that may not have been what it sounded like.

It was during the ceremony to present the newest MP - Caroline Johnson who won the Sleaford by-election on Thursday.

As she approached the speaker on Monday after flanked by two colleagues, a man said what sounded like: “Very smart woman”.

Thinking that a male MP was greeting a new female colleague with a comment about her appearance, several MPs let their feelings be known.

MP: 'Very smart woman!' Another MP: 'What?!'

— Tom Moseley (@moseleytom) December 12, 2016

But someone else suggested the comment was actually “Very smart Warman,” referring to MP Matt Warman who walked to Johnson’s left.

@moseleytom @ParlyApp I think he said "very smart, Warman", with respect to @mattwarman who was accompanying her

— Josh Crossley (@jbwcrossley) December 12, 2016

Warman himself tweeted to say he was the target of the comment, made off-camera by MP Mark Spencer, and it was about his “ageing suit”.

@jbwcrossley @moseleytom @ParlyApp I can confirm my ageing suit was the subject of Mark Spencer's public approval!

— Matt Warman MP (@mattwarman) December 12, 2016

When Spencer made his comment, Warman looked down to his suit.

Spencer has not commented on what happened.


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