'Mrs Brown's Boys' Star Rory Cowan Claims He Had 'No Interest' In This Year's Christmas Special

He's definitely not feeling nostalgic.

Former ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ actor Rory Cowan has admitted he snubbed this year’s Christmas special, having quit the comedy show after 26 years earlier this year.

Rory made headlines when he admitted to having become disillusioned with the show earlier this year, stepping down from the role of Rory Brown because he had grown tired of it.

And while at the time it sounded like it was an amicable parting, Rory - whose role was recast in the festive episode of ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’, explained by his character undergoing plastic surgery - wasn’t exactly misty-eyed when asked about his old stomping ground.

Rory Cowan apparently eating a sandwich on the set of 'Mrs Brown's Boys'
Rory Cowan apparently eating a sandwich on the set of 'Mrs Brown's Boys'

On the subject of whether he’d be tuning in to the ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ Christmas special, Rory told the Irish Mirror he would rather watch ‘Victoria’ on ITV.

However, while Rory declined to tune in to the divisive BBC comedy, plenty of other people did, with new figures showing that ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ was the most-watched show on Christmas Day (apart from the Queen’s speech), pulling in 6.8 million viewers.

Close behind was the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Christmas special, which saw broadcaster Katie Derham and professional partner Brendan Cole emerge as this year’s winners .

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