Mum Shares Open Letter About How Adopting Her Son Changed Their Relationship Forever

'Everything feels different.'

A mum has shared an open letter about how adopting her son changed their relationship, and reminding everyone that it’s not always blood that makes a family.

Ellen Chan shared her emotional story to the Love What Really Matters Facebook page, with a picture of her son Josiah.

The Chan family officially adopted Josiah on the 20 August 2015 after 2 years and 2 weeks of looking after him at their family home.

The mother shared a photograph of the official adoption day, on the one year anniversary.

In the picture, Josiah is holding a sign that said: “For 750 days I’ve shared their love and home, as of today I now also share their last name!”

Chan wanted to tell people how much of a difference it had made being the legally adoptive parents rather than just a foster carer.

“Everything feels different. Knowing he couldn’t be taken away from us and that we could finally make decisions for his interests and well being.”

Chan says that the journey to adoption was the “toughest” in her whole life, but it was all worth it.

“Having been on both sides of the adoption journey, I know first hand that adoption involves joy and heartache, love and pain, brokenness and healing, loss and gain, but most of all, it means a safe and loving family for a precious child who needed it.”

Commenters were quick to commend Chan for choosing to adopt.

“Adoption, a truly blessed way to share a special bond with a child that’s truly in need,” said Diana Luiken.