17/01/2017 16:26 GMT

Mum Blogger Has Baby Name Regret Just Days After Giving Birth To Her Daughter

'Anyone have issues with names post-birth?'

A mum blogger appealed to the internet for advice after worrying about whether she’d given her daughter the right name.

Sophie Cachia, from Australia, who blogs at The Young Mummy, gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday 14 January 2017.

She revealed on Instagram she’d called her daughter ‘Betty Margaret’, after her two grandmothers. However two days later on 16 January, Cachia had doubts.

Posting a photo of Betty to Snapchat, she wrote, according to Mamma Mia: “Anyone have issues with names post-birth?”

Cachia, who also has a two-year-old son called Bobby, continued: “I’m starting to worry she doesn’t look like a Betty and doubting if I should have gone with another name.”

Many of Cachia’s followers responded to worry by commenting on the photos of Betty on Instagram.

“Betty is beautiful,” one person wrote. “It’s classic and cute. It suits her just perfect, plus Betty and Bobby is the cutest name combo I’ve ever heard.”

Another person commented: “Betty is the perfect name. She absolutely looks like Betty. So much yass for this and her cute name.”

Another mother wrote: “Love that Bobby and Betty share the same initials. So cute. Congratulations.

“Betty was my grandmother’s name, so beautiful.”

It seems Cachia got over her baby name wobble, as she was posting photos of her kids after she sent the Snapchat with the hashtag #BobbyAndBetty.

“He doesn’t ever walk past without saying hello beautiful girl,” she wrote on the photo below on 16 February. “’Where’s my baby Betty?’ or ‘She’s sooooo cute’.

“He is just as obsessed with her as we are and I know it’s only day three - but wow I’m excited to watch these two! #BobbyandBetty.”

The wobble over Betty’s name might have come from the fact Cachia had believed she was expecting another baby boy.

“Was that a dream? Did I actually just give birth to a girl?” she wrote on 14 January when sharing one of the first photos of Betty.

“For two parents who were so convinced they were delivering a boy - Baby Hank - even right up to when bub was put on my chest (and I quickly thought the umbilical cord was a penis), Betty you have blown our minds.” 

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