Mum Gives Birth In Front Seat Of Car – And Her 10-Year-Old Son Filmed The Whole Thing

The woman's waters break over the dashboard.

Warning: This article contains scenes of a medical nature.

A woman who gave birth to her fourth child in the front seat of her car had the whole thing captured on camera by her 10-year-old son.

Rudy Napier, from Nevada, US, was being driven by her partner Mike Addison to the hospital with her three children in the back seats.

Their son, Jayden, 10, had been asked to film a “pre-birth” video on the way to the hospital – but ended up filming the whole birth instead.

“I’ve done a lot of ‘things’ in the front seat of my vehicles, but delivering a baby while driving and with three crying kids in the back seat,” Mike joked on Facebook when sharing the video on Saturday, adding that at one minute 33 seconds, you see his partner’s waters break over the dashboard.

The video, which lasts around four minutes, shows Rudy as she realises she’s unlikely to make it to the hospital. It shows their daughter, Jolee, being born – as Napier holds her safely until they reach the hospital.

Mike also shared a video of his family arriving at hospital to a crowd of medical staff and midwives, helping his wife and daughter safely out the car.

“I’ve never been through anything like that in my life, and I’ve done some crazy stuff!” the mum told Fox5 when she was interviewed after the birth.

Rudy later shared a picture of his partner and their baby girl, showing them safely cuddling together in hospital.