Mum Finds Easy Way To Keep Her Living Room Free Of Kids' Mess

It's worth a try.

A mum found an easy way to keep her living room spotless, despite having kids in the house.

Michele Keylor’s son, Nick Denbow, tweeted a picture on Saturday 5 November that showed patterned tape had been stuck across the entrance to the room with a note that read:

“This room has been closed.

“Special permission will be considered for you to sit on the clean furniture or walk on my clean carpet.”

The note in full:

Keylor’s note explained that her kids would need to shower, be “dirt free from head-to-toe” and wear freshly laundered clothing before entering.

“If permission is granted, no food or drinks are permitted,” she wrote.

Keylor told BuzzFeed News she had decided to close the living room for a month after she cleaned the room ahead of a Thanksgiving dinner she was hosting.

The hilarious hack was retweeted nearly 14,000 times in four days.

It’s worth a try (once your kids are old enough to read).

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