Family's Method For Passing Phone Charger Between Them Is The Height Of Laziness

It's also kinda genius...
Wachiwit via Getty Images

When your iPhone has 2% battery and you’ve got three minutes of a hilarious cat video to watch, you know you’re in trouble.

One woman who was in need of urgent juice was Sophie Billington.

When she shouted upstairs to her mum asking if she could bring her phone charger down, her mum bizarrely responded: “Shout the dog.”

After calling their dog’s name, Sophie discovered the reason behind her mum’s unusual reply...

Yup, wrapped around her pet Meggy’s chest was a phone charger.

Sophie tweeted a photo of her pooch looking thoroughly pleased with herself and her tweet went viral, being shared more than 72,000 times and favourited over 240,000 times.

Needless to say, the internet is head over heels in love with Meggy the pro phone charger carrier.

After Meggy became an online sensation, Sophie shared another photo of her border collie looking 110% adorable and wrote: “She wants to thank everyone who has sent kind messages, she’s the best.”

What a good doggo.