Mum Praises Sainsbury's Staff For How They Dealt With Toddler's Tantrum During Supermarket Shop

'I left the store feeling very humbled.'

A mum praised two Sainsbury’s staff members for how they reacted when her daughter had “the mother of all tantrums”.

Rachael Beresford‎, from Cornwall, wasn’t in the supermarket long before her three-year-old Lily-Grace “screamed, shouted and kicked” in an attempt to get out of the trolley.

The toddler then managed to climb out and ran down one of the aisles.

“I was humbled by the support of other shoppers who could clearly see (and most definitely hear!) what my ‘darling’ child was putting me through,” Beresford continued.

“Then one of your employees, Jonathan, approached me and offered his assistance.”

Jonathan offered to pick up any items Beresford‎ still needed for her shop and then pushed her trolley to the tills.

He opened a closed till and served the mum while another staff member, Ryan, bagged up her items.

“They also offered to help me out to the car park to load the shopping into my car (although I didn’t take them up on this offer),” Beresford continued.

“I was so grateful for Jonathan and Ryan’s help this afternoon and for being very patient and even trying to put a smile on my daughter’s face at the till.

“Despite the drama, I left the store feeling very humbled by the majority of people in it and especially the kindness of your two very helpful employees Jonathan and Ryan who made such a difference for me today.”

The post Beresford addressed to Sainsbury’s on Tuesday 2 August 2016 was shared more than 500 times in six days.

The supermarket replied: “Thank you so much for sharing this with us Rachael. I’m so glad our colleagues Jonathan and Ryan were able to give a helping hand in what must have been a stressful situation for you.

“I’ve made sure to pass this on to their manager so they get the recognition they deserve.”

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