Easy Trick To Tie Shoelaces: Mum Shares Hack For Parents Of Kids Who Are Struggling


A mum filmed her son demonstrating a trick to tie his shoelaces, which he learned because he had previously been unable to do them alone.

Ashley Lillard, from the US, submitted the clip to the Love What Matters Facebook page to help “anyone who is struggling like we were”.

“Coolest shoe tying trick ever, feel free to share,” she wrote in the post on Monday 23 January.

Lillard’s son starts by putting the end of his shoelace in the shoelace hole to create a loop. He then repeats it with the other shoelace.

The two loops are then tied together by crossing them and putting one under the other, before pulling tightly.

The boy then repeats that again to create a double knot. At the end, he pulls the ends of the shoelaces out of the holes in which they were initially placed.


And there you have it: shoelaces tied and double knotted in less than a minute.


The video seems to have been a saviour to many parents, as it has been shared more than 12,000 times within 16 hours of being posted.

“Awesome, we did it,” one parent wrote. “My five-year-old struggled so much and we have watched YouTube videos with no success... watched this and did it right away - he is so proud of himself.”

Another wrote: “Great job little man, I’ve never seen that method before, quite ingenious.”

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