Mum Carrie Bickmore Mimics Her Toddler's Tantrums In Public, But Would You Be Brave Enough To Try It?

'She got on the floor in the shopping centre and did the thing.'

When a child throws a tantrum in public, most parents will do almost anything to make it stop that instant.

So if you’re looking for a new technique to try, why not take a leaf out of Australian talk show host, Carrie Bickmore’s book and mimic your child?

Bickmore shared her tantrum trick with her friend, Australian blogger Jules Sebastian, and said it works every time.

Speaking on The Juggling Act podcast, Sebastian said, according to Mama Mia: “I was talking with Carrie Bickmore and she said that her little one had a meltdown and a tantrum – like one of those on the floor, like fists, everything.”

Sebastian continued: “She said she just remembered that someone had told her that you have to mimic the behaviour, so she got on the floor in the shopping centre and did the thing.

“I was like: ‘But you’re Carrie Bickmore!’”

This method has been used successfully before. Writing on the Cafe Mom blog, Deborah Cruz wrote about how to diffuse toddler tantrums in 10 seconds flat.

“Lie on the floor next to your thrashing child and mimic their behaviour,” she wrote.

“If that means stomping your feet, screaming until you are red-faced or acting like a complete loon, do it. This behaviour shocks them and, if you’re in public, it will embarrass them as well.”

Sebastian said on the podcast she hadn’t yet been brave enough to try it, but would you?

Carrie Bickmore is currently raising money for Brain Cancer Research by selling beanie hats, through her website