Muslim Women Recommend Their Favourite Fashion Brands To Shop In The UK

Weekday and Monki come out on top.

Muslim women are spending more than £32 billion on fashion a year, yet many large brands, from luxury designers to the high street, are missing the mark when it comes to stocking a range of appealing options for those among this demographic who choose to cover up in loose clothing.

We spoke to four Muslim women with differing styles to find out which brands they would recommend. Among the most popular choices were Weekday and Monki.

This online store, also available through Asos, was recommended by writer Lamisa Khan, makeup artist Salwa Rahman and recent graduate and graphic designer, Farzana Ahmed.

Khan enjoys Weekday’s “modest-friendly items that aren’t too fussy”, while Rahman likes the range of options it provides: “Currently I am loving Weekday, purely because they provide a plethora of options regarding colour and styles - it makes it easier for me to colour block when I can see an entire selection of blue clothing.”

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From Weekday, we recommend this recycled polyester t-shirt dress, £60, this sustainable gradient long sleeve top, £20 and red bell trousers, £45.

This clothing brand known for its fun and colourful pieces, drew with Weekday in terms of popularity among the women we spoke to.

Ahmed, who describes her style as “dressing for comfort” with a play on textures, explained Monki was high on her list because “as a Muslim woman, I find it difficult to find stores that provide stylish modest clothing without making it look like something a stereotypical granny would wear, especially when it comes to the warmer seasons. Online stores only sell crop tops, short shorts, blah blah.”

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We recommend these flowy dungarees, £25, and this tie neck blouse, £30.

Khan said it can be “difficult for Muslim women to find modest-wear that is suitable for the workplace”. To solve this problem she recommends Kentore.

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We love Kentore’s midnight black jumpsuit, £55.99, ice-cream coloured jacket, £35.99, and this soft cream sleeveless jacket for £39.99.

Singer and guitarist of The Tuts, Nadia Javed, explains how her current style inspiration is a fusion of her culture and though “I definitely connect with being Muslim, it’s never held me back from what I want to wear. However I would highly recommend Till We Cover.”

The design duo behind the company aim to make contemporary modest clothing, with styles that have an aesthetic similar to COS.

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Our recommendations from Till We Cover include this balloon sleeve top, £55, colour jersey scarf, £10, and twill harem trousers, £45.

Do you have any recommendations you’d like to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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