White Shirt Shopping Guide: The Solution For Any Event

Key high street picks for less than £50.

White shirts are just easy. They always look “put together” (perfect for when adulting) and can work for almost any occasion - it all depends on the story you want to tell that day through what you pair it with, which is why we go back to them time and time again.

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Whether it is ruffled, high collared, structured or plain, the white shirt is the ideal work to part-ay attire.

Some key style tips when wearing a white blouse: Open the top button and mix and match gold and silver delicate jewellery or just wear statement earrings.

If it’s structured, a clean watch and hat - berets and baker boy styles are currently on trend - will help balance out that silhouette.

Through years of reinventing the white blouse, we’ve learnt not to be afraid of wearing all white, so don’t shy away from pairing it with white jeans.

But one of our all-time favourite ways to wear a white shirt is to put on a turtleneck underneath to create some dimension to our outfit.

Click through the gallery below for some key high street picks for less than £50:

White Blouse Guide


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