Nadezhda Bazhina Earns Zero Points In Olympic Diving Event After Losing Her Footing

That's got to hurt.

Olympic divers do their best to soar gracefully through the air while performing incredible twists and somersaults.

But poor Nadezhda Bazhina didn’t quite manage to pull off the perfect dive.

In fact...she scored zero.

The Russian diver lost her footing while taking part in the women’s 3m springboard event, which sent her entire performance off balance.

She ended up smacking painfully into the water below.

The incident was reminiscent of Stephen Feck’s absolute shocker at the London 2012 games.

The preliminary round of the men’s 3m springboard competition saw the German diver’s attempt earn him a zero from every single judge.

Her unfortunate Olympics performance aside, Bazhina is actually an extremely successful diver and has won multiple golds the European championships.

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