Nadine Coyle Tried To Talk Sarah Harding Out Of 'Celebrity Big Brother' (EXCLUSIVE)

'When she said she *was* doing it, I told her, OK, well don’t drink.'

Nadine Coyle has revealed she attempted to talk former Girls Aloud bandmate Sarah Harding out of appearing on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’.

Last month, Nadine voiced praise for Sarah during her difficult time in the ‘CBB’ house, at the end of which she was eventually crowned winner.

However, when HuffPost UK sat down with Nadine for an interview last week, she admitted she wasn’t initially always so keen on the idea of Sarah appearing on the Channel 5 show.

Nadine Coyle
Nadine Coyle
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She revealed to us: “Well, [Sarah] called me to tell me she was going into it, and I said ‘don’t. Please don’t’.

“I said, ‘I’m going to Spain, why don’t you come to Spain with me instead?’

“I was like, ’come [with me], don’t do it, don’t do it’.”

When Sarah later confided in her former bandmate that she had signed up, Nadine had one piece of advice, which it’s fair to say she didn’t exactly stick to.

Nadine added: “When she told me she was doing [‘CBB’], I just said, ‘OK, well don’t drink. Don’t drink.’ And she said she wasn’t going to.

“Not that there’s an issue with that! It’s just when it’s such a short period of time and everybody’s the same when they have a drink, you can get a bit more loose-lipped, it’s natural.”

A stunned Sarah Harding finds out she's won 'CBB'
A stunned Sarah Harding finds out she's won 'CBB'
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Later in the interview, Nadine said she was “so happy” to see Sarah crowned winner, but insisted that it didn’t come as a surprise to her, despite the public’s mixed reaction to her behaviour in the house.

When asked whether the Sarah ‘CBB’ viewers saw was an accurate representation of her, Nadine insisted: “That’s Sarah! That was absolutely Sarah.

“No editing, she will just tell you how it is. If her shoes are uncomfortable, you will hear about it. Or if something’s going on in her life, you will know about it. In detail. She has no filter whatsoever, she was always like that.

“But she is her own worst enemy. She will never do another human being any harm whatsoever, but she knows how to self-destruct on herself.”

Nadine and Sarah with their former Girls Aloud bandmates
Nadine and Sarah with their former Girls Aloud bandmates
Dave M. Benett via Getty Images

When we asked if they’d had time to catch up since ‘CBB’ ended, Nadine admitted they hadn’t, as her schedule around the release of new single ‘Go To Work’ was a little too hectic.

“I’m trying to meet up with her,” she explained, “But the thing is, I know it’ll be a late night, and I am really busy.

“ I’m up at, like, 6am… so I need a night out with her once there’s a day off.”

Nadine spoke to HuffPost UK to promote her new solo single, ‘Go To Work’, which is out now.

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