03/09/2017 12:16 BST

Celebrity Big Brother's Sam Thompson Talks Sarah Harding's 'Special Treatment'

He reckons the Girls Aloud star was... calling the shots.

‘Made In Chelsea’ star Sam Thompson has slammed his former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate Sarah Harding, agreeing with ex-contestant Trisha Paytas that she was given special privileges in the house.

Since Sarah’s victory in ‘CBB’ last month, YouTube performer Trisha has made a handful of videos claiming the show was rigged in favour of the former Girls Aloud singer, as well as claiming she was given preferential treatment by producers.

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Sarah Harding
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Sam Thompson

He continued: “I’m not going to delve into it as I loved ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ and it was amazing for me, but I did receive about 100 tweets from people saying they couldn’t get through to my phone line, and I did think it was odd that Sarah won and got booed.

“I think Amelia [Lily, former ‘X Factor’ star] should have won it. She was the best person in the house, a permanent force of good.”

Fellow housemate Trisha, who chose to walk away from the show rather than being evicted, previously suggested that Sarah was being edited favourably “so she would be the winner”.

She fumed: “This is why I had such an issue with her. She’s such a terrible, terrible, terrible human being who just gets away with shit because it was in her contract and she would gloat about stuff.”

‘CBB’ bosses previously denied claims Trisha made in a previous video about her time in the house, but offered no comment when contacted by HuffPost UK about her second allegations.

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