05/11/2020 18:11 GMT

Naked Attraction Host Anna Richardson Teases Show's First Ever Walk-Off Ahead Of New Series

One young contestant got a little overwhelmed by the sight of six naked women, and had to briefly leave the set.

Naked Attraction presenter Anna Richardson has revealed  the show had its first ever walk-off during the filming for its upcoming new series, after one contestant got a little overwhelmed by the sight of six naked women.

The first episode in the new series of Naked Attraction – which launches on Tuesday night on Channel 4 – introduces viewers to 23-year-old Brian.

Brian, it soon emerges, is a virgin, and when those infamous screens are first raised, revealing his fellow contestants’ naked bodies, he needs a second to gather himself.

Channel 4
Anna Richardson on the set of Naked Attraction

A young chap called Brian who is a virgin, a lovely guy, wine connoisseur and proficient musician, felt really faint when he was faced with six naked girls,” Anna told the Daily Mail. “[He] needed to be escorted off set and consoled by producers.”

She added: “He was a good lad, he came back on and faced the rest of the show.”

Channel 4
Brian will appear in the new series of Naked Attraction, which airs next week

A clip for the episode sees Anna telling the young hopeful that he “looks like he’s going to faint”, before he leaves the set momentarily as he “needs a moment”.

Upon returning, he tells Anna: “It’s overwhelming, I mean, you know in a good way, perhaps I needed this. But I just need to let it sink in just a bit.”

Meanwhile, a synopsis for the episode has teased: “A 23-year-old virgin from Kent picks a partner from six nude candidates – but this proves a nerve-racking experience, since he has never seen a naked woman in his life.”

Naked Attraction was one of the first TV shows reported to have been given the go-ahead to resume filming over the summer, with most of the show’s format already adhering to social distancing guidelines.

The seventh series of Naked Attraction debuts on Tuesday night at 10.20pm on Channel 4.