Naomi Campbell Opens Up About The Birth Of Her 2 Children For The First Time

The supermodel announced in 2021 that she had become a mum at the age of 50.
Naomi Campbell at the premiere of Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga in Cannes last month
Naomi Campbell at the premiere of Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga in Cannes last month
Vittorio Zunino Celotto via Getty Images

Naomi Campbell has spoken for the first time about using a surrogate to become a mother.

The legendary model surprised the world in 2021, when she announced she had welcomed a baby girl at the age of 50. Two years later, she revealed her family had grown further, and she was also now a mum to a newborn son.

Because of the surprising nature of Naomi’s baby news, it led some to speculate whether she may have adopted or used a surrogate.

While she previously denied the former, she has now confirmed the latter to be the case in a new interview with The Times.

During her interview with the newspaper, Naomi admitted she thinks things in the UK are “slipping back” in terms of progress for minorities.

“I would put it this way: there are definitely groups who are against diversity in any form, whether they’re racist or homophobic, and they are not afraid to be open about it,” she said. “The world is in a culture war. It’s increasingly fragile.”

Naomi added that, as a mother, she feels “fear for the future”, noting: “My babies are everything to me.”

Asked whether she used a surrogate, she responded: “I did. I hope for a better world for my children. They are 110 per cent my priority. I have to be there for them on their first day at school.”

“I have heard a lot of young girls saying that it is too expensive to have children and they may not want them, and I have said, ‘You will change your mind. You will want to be a mum’,” Naomi continued.

“I understand economically it is tough. But my mum had nothing and she made it work. It’s worth it. It is so amazing.”

Naomi previously introduced her daughter – whose name she has not disclosed publicly – to the world in a cover photo-shoot for British Vogue magazine.

“She is the biggest blessing I could ever imagine. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done,” she told the magazine at the time.

“I always knew that one day I would be a mother, but it’s the biggest joy I could ever imagine. I’m lucky to have her and I know that.”

Following the birth of her son last year, Naomi described him as a “gift from God” while telling her Instagram followers: “It’s never too late to become a mother.”


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