01/11/2016 13:27 GMT

New Exoplanet Has Supersonic Winds And Rains Shards Of Glass

When can we visit? 😳

NASA has discovered an exoplanet that is more suited to a horror film script than our solar system.

Exoplanet HD 189733b, which was first detected by the space agency’s Hubble telescope back in 2013, seems innocuous enough from a distance but don’t be fooled.


Any potential space travellers should be aware that although the pictures in the brochure look a lot like earth, with a bright blue atmosphere, that isn’t because it is covered in tropical oceans like ours.

In fact, 189733’s hazy cobalt atmosphere would make getting caught out in the rain more than a little inconvenient – leaving you attacked by thousands of glass shards flying sideways through the air. 

This is because the air is full of laced silicate particles, the silicate then condense in the heat and forms small drops of glass that scatter blue light. 

Makes forgetting your umbrella on Earth seem a little pathetic.

Its not only the rain you’ll need to contend with, the forecast is looking deadly all round: with temperatures reaching 2000 degrees and wind speeds up to 5400 miles per hour. That is seven times the speed of sound.  

And located only 63 light-years away, orbiting a parent star, it is really starting to sound like the perfect holiday destination.