We should really view the apocalypse not as the end of the world, but merely the end of a world
For the first time ever astronomers have a tool that allows them to directly observe exoplanets and even look for extra terrestrial
NASA has discovered an exoplanet that is more suited to a horror film script than our solar system. Exoplanet HD 189733b
There are a lot of planets out there. And a lot of really weird ones. But NASA's latest discovery is one of the strangest
Eight more planets have been discovered that could possess watery oceans and life, including two of the most Earth-like yet
Astronomers have discovered water on a distant world the size of Neptune. The planet HAT-P-11b (natty name) is located in
From 2015 you'll finally be able to name your own planet, ending a policy that has resulted in some of our most fascinating
A 'super-Earth' planet has been discovered a relative 'stone's throw' from our Solar System. Gliese 832 C might be the planet