National Living Wage In Comparison To Minimum Wages Across Europe

We're doing better than some but not others...

This is how the UK's new national living wage compares to the minimum wages for other countries in Europe.

The new legal pay rate for over 25s is £7.20 an hour, the equivalent of around £15,000 a year if you work a 40-hour week.

It puts us in a good position compared to other countries, although the rate is still behind that of Luxemburg, France and the Netherlands.

People on the minimum wage in eastern Europe earn far less - with Bulgaria on the lowest level at the equivalent of just 97p per hour.

Hungarians and Romanians also have a low minimum, far behind the top figure in Luxemburg, where people take home at least £8.74 - that's even above the UK voluntary 'living wage' calculated by the Living Wage Foundation, which reflects the cost of living here.


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