national living wage

Boris Johnson is told frontline staff are "risking their lives for the sake of all of us" during the Covid-19 crisis.
Mims Davies tells MPs she would "love" to see the threshold lowered.
Without wider reform, the increase in wages will effectively be like allowing workers to buy new skates but leaving them on thin ice, CLASS director Faiza Shaheen writes.
Twenty years since the minimum wage came into effect, the policy has stood the test of time – increasing the wage floor could one way to further tackle in-work poverty
'You earn more than the National Living Wage, don’t you.”'
'If you cheat staff out of the minimum wage, your reputation will be dragged through the mud.'
It would take an under-25 an extra three weeks work to make up the difference
Labour says workers to lose out by £202 a year.
Pay rise would end Tory discrimination against under-25s too