Bride Turns Dream Of Natural Hair Wedding Into A Beautiful Reality And Becomes An Internet Sensation

'If I’ve handed off courage to wear your natural tresses, I am honoured.'

A bride who had dreamed about how she was going to style her and her bridesmaids hair since before she got engaged, was surprised to find that strangers felt as passionately about her decision as she did.

When Nakyia Whitty, 27, from Texas, USA, shared photos from her wedding to Javonte Davis, 26, on Instagram, she had no idea her pictures would go viral - all because of the hairstyle she chose for herself and her six bridesmaids.

"I have had people share with me how they are or were afraid to wear their natural hair out and I’ve given them some sort of boost to want to wear their God given tresses," Whitty wrote on Instagram.

"I would just like to say that I honestly was just getting married with who and what I love and appreciate in mind for MY photo album. MY memories. MY big day," Whitty continued.

"In no way was I ever thinking I would be seen by or touch so many, but in light of believing that God makes no mistakes. I want to let everyone know how blessed I feel to be a blessing to so many."

The photo above recieved more than 4,900 likes within a week of being posted.

Whitty added: "Whether it be by wedding inspiration, self esteem boosts (a lot of people have gone down my Instagram page and seen a post about the struggles I had growing up dark skinned), or if I’ve handed off a little courage to wear your natural tresses and own it, or even if you just felt like I made the #blackgirlmagic stick sparkle a little brighter, I am genuinely and humbly honoured.

"I can't keep up enough to thank each and everyone individually but I'm going to say I right now! Thank you EVERYONE! Every like, share, 'Yaaaaaas!' Lol! Thank you!"

Whitty added that she "had a vision" for her wedding ceremony on 11 June 2016.

"In the end I have to say everything exceeded what I could've imagined, and my expectations were pretty high might I add, I mean it is a special moment for us," she wrote.

"Ultimately, I'm elated to have married my best friend with our family and friends surrounding us in the most beautiful way we could... Our way."

Whitty told Buzzfeed she’d been planning to have her bridesmaids have their natural hair since before she was engaged.

“I love my natural tresses. I wasn’t always natural, but when I started this journey I began to appreciate and love what I was born with,” she said, adding that her husband helped her learn to embrace the beauty of her natural hair.

“We learned my hair together,” she said. “Blessed to have that type of support. I don’t know how many YouTube tutorials a man can take, exactly, but he definitely exceeded maximum capacity.”

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