'Negroni, Sbagliato, With Prosecco' – How To Make The Drink TikTok Is Obsessed With

House of The Dragon's Emma D'Arcy loves sbagliatos, so now we love sbagliatos.
Here's how to make the drink that TikTok is obsessed with
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Here's how to make the drink that TikTok is obsessed with

If like us you haven’t stopped repeating the words ‘a negroni… sbagliato...with prosecco in it’ since watching the now viral clip of House Of The Dragon Star Emma D’Arcy naming their favourite drink, you now might be hankering to try one yourself.

In the clip posted to HBO’s TikTok account, Olivia Cooke asks her co-star Emma: “What’s your drink of choice?”

“A Negroni… Sbagliato, with prosecco in it,” Emma responds in a low, silky purr. Their response has left viewers shaken to their core at how someone can make just seven words so damn sexy.

The video has now been liked a whopping 1.2 million times (and that’s just from us hitting the like button over and over and over again) with comments in their thousands from thirsty TikTok users who can’t get enough of the pair’s chemistry.

While we send our condolences to all bartenders out there right now that have found themselves plagued with sbagliato orders thanks to Emma’s sultry tones, we’re here to save you from the embarrassment of not knowing what you’re actually ordering.

First things first – a negroni and sbagliato are two completely different cocktails.

A negroni, in its classic state, is made with equal parts gin, vermouth and campari. Completely made from a spirit, fortified wine and a liqueur, it’s a seriously boozy bitter affair.

A sbagliato, meanwhile, swaps out the gin for prosecco. Sbagliato actually means ‘mistake’ or ‘wrong’ in Italian and the cocktail was apparently dubbed this due to a bartender having grabbed prosecco instead of gin while making a negroni.

You also don’t need to mimic Emma D’Arcy’s order of ‘sbagliato with prosecco’ when asking for one (although buttery tones are encouraged) – as ordering a sbagliato with prosecco is a bit like ordering macaroni and cheese with pasta.

Given how delicious it is, if it’s apparently wrong, then we love this mistake.

Here’s how to make one for yourself, courtesy of Jack Keenan, Events and Business Development Manager at Contini Restaurants.


  • 25ml Campari Bitter
  • 25ml Good quality vermouth such as Antica Formula
  • Dry Prosecco to top up (you’ll need around 60ml)
  • An orange


Add your Campari and vermouth to an old fashioned glass with ice. Top with your prosecco, give it a gentle stir and garnish with a slice of orange - it’s as easy as that.

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