Netflix Released One Day Bloopers To Mend Our Shattered Hearts And They're Working

We’re still not okay though.
It's the least they do after THAT ending tbh.
It's the least they do after THAT ending tbh.

If you’re still getting over the emotional whiplash that was One Day, Netflix has just dropped the bloopers to help you through.

Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod stole our hearts in the miniseries based on David Nicholls’ hit book about the will-they-won’t-they friendship of Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew, told on the same day each year across two decades.

Fans of the series will know that it’s an emotional rollercoaster, but Netflix’s new behind-the-scenes clips lets fans look back on better days between the couple.

There’s plenty of laughs, fluffs, dialogue fumbles, set malfunctions and sweet moments between co-stars.

Check it out below.

You need to give us more than 2 mins of bloopers after wrecking us for 6 and a half hours,” one X/Twitter user replied.

“Ambika and Leo laughing for two minutes to heal us all,” another shared, with a third adding: “Yet I’m still broken.”

The series quickly dominated the platform’s most-watched shows last month and earned rave reviews from critics.

Speaking to HuffPost UK ahead of the show’s debut, Ambika said of One Day: “Reading the book and especially after watching the series, it’s incredibly joyful. And I think we are looking for content that’s really joyful and comforting to watch.

“I think a few years ago we wanted to sit in our feelings and emotions and grief a little bit, but now I think it’s gone the other way and we like to watch things that are a bit joyful and hopeful. Which I think this show is.”

Ambika also revealed that they filmed the last episode of the series at the beginning, sharing: “So actually, after we let go of that, it just kind of felt like a great time.”

Leo agreed there were times they were even able to “kind of forget” the way the story turns out.

If you’re still in need of another One Day fix, check out the behind-the-scenes secrets from the show here.


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