British Steel Mirror Article Prompts Sassy Comeback From Network Rail

'Here's some perspective'.

Network Rail does not sound like a haven of social media-savvy sass.

But it evidently is.

The Mirror reported that Network Rail, which runs Britain's railways, spent £5 million on steel made abroad, or "FOREIGN" steel as the paper put it on Twitter.

This may have you thinking Network Rail is a national disgrace for failing to support our steel industry and contributing to Tata Steel's decision to close its UK works.

The Mirror described the news as "the latest blow to our battered steel workers".

But its PR Twitter account responded to provide some "perspective", showing how much of its steel was made in Britain and abroad.

The Mirror's report did state that Network Rail acquires 120,000 tonnes of steel a year made in Britain and around 8,000 for "niche products" from companies in Austria and Spain.

A Network Rail spokeswoman said: "British steel is absolutely central to our Railway Upgrade Plan.

"We buy more than 120,000 tonnes of rail each year from within the UK, which accounts for 96 per cent of our total volume.

“We buy a small amount of steel rail from suppliers outside the UK who specialise in producing certain track materials in the low volumes required.”

So if you thought people who monitor the national origin of steel used in railways lacked sass, think again.

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