The New Amazon Kindle Could Be Powered By The Sun, No Really

When Jeff Bezos isn't launching incredible self-landing space rockets he's also casually running a small company called Amazon.

Well Bezos has some good news concerning Amazon and that is that the company is getting ready to unveil its brand-new flagship Kindle.

This won't just be any Kindle though, rumours are suggesting that the new Kindle will have a trick up its sleeve.

The Wall Street Journal have got hold of information which seems to confirm that Amazon's new E-Reader will come with a new case that'll allow the tablet to be solar-powered.

According to the source the case wouldn't be launched at the same time as the new Kindle but that it would allow you to completely charge the device without ever plugging it in.

As well as the new solar-powered case the WSJ's source says the Kindle will come with a new wireless charging case.

Should I replace my old Kindle?

Honestly, this might be a yes. While traditionally Kindle's remain pretty unchanged over the years WSJ's source claims that the new model will be the biggest update yet.

Brendan McDermid / Reuters

The new Kindle will be lighter, easier to hold while featuring all the new technologies that have appeared in recent Kindle's including the company's new screen technology that gives the display a look that emulates that of traditional paper.

For those of you that have just forked out on a brand-new Kindle Voyage the answer may be now, but for anyone that's still lugging around their older Kindle a slimmer, green-loving update might be just the ticket.

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