The demise of the printed word has been seriously exaggerated.
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The pen is mightier than the sword, but how does it compare against the iPad? For a while it seemed like a war with only
If you think about all the places that you enjoy reading a book, there is probably a chance that two of them wouldn’t have
Still holding out on Amazon Prime? Well if you’re a keen reader of magazines then this announcement might be the news that
It makes me feel slightly uneasy, that in 2016 I can still find myself pondering the issue of balancing writing with motherhood - perhaps I should discuss writing and parenthood, as I'm sure there are many father's out there doing a similar juggling act. However, that is not my reality, so I'm going to address the issues I have encountered during the writing and publication of my first novel, Russian Redemption.
The Oasis is unlike any Kindle you've ever seen before...
Meet the Amazon Kindle Oasis - An eReader so meticulously crafted that a discussion about the simple task of making the screen
When Jeff Bezos isn't launching incredible self-landing space rockets he's also casually running a small company called Amazon