New Banksy Left At Bridge Farm Primary School In Bristol With Note From Secretive Graffiti Artist

Children can't stop marvelling at this 14-ft artwork.

Street-artist Banksy has chosen a primary school in his probable hometown of Bristol as his latest canvas of choice.

The spray-painter, whose work has featured across the world, left a gift in the form of a new 14-ft artwork for children at Bridge Farm Primary School.

It was discovered today, when pupils reconvened at the school after half-term.

The painting left for children at Bridge Farm Primary School
The painting left for children at Bridge Farm Primary School
Dylan Martinez / Reuters

The children had sent Banksy a letter to inform him of their decision to rename one of their school's houses after him.

Headmaster Geoff Mason told the Bristol Post: "[The graffiti] was done after we ran a competition to change the house names, and we decided to name them after Bristol legends. We had to include Banksy."

Heard there was an intruder in my sons school last night.wasn't so angry when I found out who it was @thereaIbanksy

— Rebecca Radford (@RebeccaRadford7) June 6, 2016

In response, Banksy gifted the school with a new artwork that features a child playing with a burning tyre and a stick.

A note from the illusive spray-painter was also found at the school, which encouraged Bridge Farm pupils to add to to the painting themselves, reading: "I'm sure the teachers won't mind."

The street-artist signed off his note: "Remember - it's always easier to get forgiveness than permission."

#Banksy left this letter for Bridge Farm School. The caretaker found it - with the 14ft painting.

— Jon Kay (@jonkay01) June 6, 2016

Mr Mason said the visit by Banksy over the half-term holidays was "amazing".

"We are very thrilled about it, and it's great for the school community," he was quoted as saying in the Bristol Post.

"I'm sure it will inspire the children. The staff had to make quite a few calls this morning to make sure nobody cleaned it off.

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