New Pokémon Yungoos Looks Like Donald Trump

Gotta build a wall.

Nintendo are building up to the official release of the 'Pokémon' series' latest instalment Sun And Moon, and as usual they've been dripping out a few new characters to get everyone excited.

This is Yungoos, the Rattata of the latest generation. He looks like an angry little mongoose.


This is all very exciting for Pokéfans, but a lot of people have been pointing out a strong similarity between Yungoos and a high profile figure in the real world...

Yes, this little guy who you'll probably pick up at the start of your game looks an awful lot like Donald Trump.

It's the same from all angles...

And if you take a look at Yungoos' Pokédex entry, the similarities don't stop at their looks.

If you want to check for any other political likenesses hidden in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, they're both out for Nintendo 3DS on 26 November.

Nintendo/The Trump Organization

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