Newt Gingrich Says Republican Donald Trump Problem Not As Bad As Labour's Jeremy Corbyn Divisions


Donald Trump fought off a chaotic and televised attempt by members of his own party to derail his presidential nomination last night, amid fears his candidacy would not only hand the White House to Hilary Clinton but damage the re-election chances of other Republican candidates in November.

But Newt Gingrich, the former Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives who came close to being picked by Trump to be his vice presidential running mate, thinks things could be worse.

“We are much better off than the British Labour Party,” he told Sky News.

Jeremy Corbyn is preparing for a leadership battle after overwhelmingly losing a vote of no confidence by his MPs.

Gingrich, who recently said any Muslims who believe in Sharia law should be “deported” from the United States, also told the BBC this morning Republican voters had backed Trump because “people are really pissed off”.

“I think he has to give a speech Thursday night that communicates he can be presidential, that he has vision for America’s future,” he added of Trump. “Leadership can unite or divide.”

The Republican Party’s convention in Cleveland kicked off yesterday and is already not without controversy - internal divisons aside.

Melania Trump, who would become First Lady should her husband capture the White House, has been accused of plagiarising a speech about hard work from Michelle Obama.

One prime time speaker at the convention claimed President Obama is “absolutely” a Muslim.

And a Republican congressman suggested “no other subgroup of people” had contributed as much to Western civilization than white people.

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