Nigel Farage Branded A 'Hypocritical Grinning Poppy-Less Popinjay'

Ukip leader accused of 'going on a jolly' to America
Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage has been branded a hypocrite for failing to wear a poppy while meeting Donald Trump.

The Ukip leader rushed to New York last week following Trump’s shock election victory over Hillary Clinton. He was photographed on Saturday alongside the president-elect in one of Trump Tower’s golden lifts.

Welsh Labour leader and First Minister Carwyn Jones today attacked Farage for jetting off to the United States over Remembrance Sunday.

In 2014, Farage demanded to be allowed to join other party leaders in laying a wreath at the Cenotaph.

Jones said: “I was proud to stand at the Welsh national memorial on Sunday to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. This weekend when people from every walk of life joined to commemorate our war dead in services around the country, there was one conspicuous absence. Nigel Farage.”

“I will never insist that anyone must wear a poppy, or attend remembrance events. This is a free country, and people choose to remember in different ways. But, hypocrisy is something else altogether. You don’t get to appropriate the Battle of Britain in your campaign literature, only to prioritise transatlantic photo-ops a few months later.

“Mr Farage likes to play by a different set of rules, this much is true. But in what universe do we let go, without comment or censure, the pictures of this grinning poppy-less popinjay in a gold lift with Donald Trump?

“Lauded on Fox News as some latter day revolutionary, Mr Farage basked in the warm glow of right wing acceptance. But make no mistake - he made a choice between two things this weekend. A choice between standing shoulder to shoulder with fellow Brits in solemn remembrance, or to go on a jolly to the States to pick up a bit of reflected glory. He chose the latter.”

Jones added: “No other party leader would get away this, we shouldn’t let Mr Farage.”

Appearing on Fox News, Farage wore a US-UK lapel pin. The conservative news channel described the Ukip leader as America’s “pal from across the pond”.

Theresa May has rejected Farage’s offer to act as an intermediary between her and Trump. Downing Street said on Monday morning the prime minister did not need a “third person” to help her talk to the next US president.